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For property owners

What do I need to do to consider if STRA works for my property?

Simply supply the property’s address and configuration for your free, no-obligation STRA Property Report

Do I have to commit my property for a specific length of time?

No that’s the great thing about STRA, you decide the dates you want to make the property available. This is particularly advantageous if you would like to use the property yourself and/or family and friends at different times.

I’m not sure if I should list my property for long term or short term rental?

No problem, we offer Hybrid models.

What is a Hybrid model?

It is a combination of short term and long-term rental which depending on your property’s location and your circumstances might best suit you.

Where will my property be listed?

Currently properties are listing on Airbnb under Victoria’s Superhost status.

What benefits will my property enjoy listed with an Airbnb Superhost?

To gain Superhost status a host must provide outstanding hospitality which includes being highly rated, experienced, reliable and responsive. The status affords Superhost properties preferred listing positioning, more visibility across promotions, early access to new feature.

How does the financial side work?

The financial process is designed to be risk-free for you. Here’s a simplified breakdown:

Nominate Your Preferred Bank Account: You have the flexibility to choose the bank account where you want Airbnb guest payments to be deposited.

Prompt Payment within 24 Hours: Upon a guest checking in, you receive the full payment for their stay within 24 hours, irrespective of the duration of their accommodation.

Fee Invoicing after Check-Out: After the guest has checked out, we will send you an invoice for our service fee and cleaning/sundry costs. Invoicing is done on a 7-day cycle for your convenience.

Am I locked into a contract with GCS?

Absolutely not! There is no contractual commitment to a specific length of representation.

How do I get started?

It’s easy:

Property Presentation Discussion: We begin by conducting a walkthrough of the apartment together. Subsequently we handle the uploading of these images to the property listing and configure the calendar as per your preferences.

Photography and Listing Setup: Once the property is staged according to our discussions, professional photos are taken. Subsequently, we handle the uploading of these images to the property listing and configure the calendar as per your preferences.

Guest Vetting Process: As bookings come in, we take the responsibility of vetting guests. This involves accepting only those with positive reviews, confirmed identification, and who align well with the established criteria.

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